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Biogenic Breakwater Reefs

Biogenic Breakwater Reefs are Shell-Embedded Concrete Structures Designed To:

· Provide a Reprieve from Erosive Wave Forces Generated by Both Wind and Boat Traffic

· Substantially Increase the Surface Area for the Recruitment of Oysters, Mussels, and Other Reef-Associated Species

· Address Site-Specific Physical Conditions and Project-Specific Budgetary Constraints Through Custom Reef Solutions

Cutting-Edge Reef Technology Providing:

· Proof of Concept with > 10 years of Field Assessment

· Enhancement of Economically-Important Fish & Crabs

· Configurations that Maximize Wave Attenuation and Facilitate Biogenic Reef Development

· A Green, Sustainable Solution for Shoreline Loss of Both Private, Commercial, and Municipal  Properties

· Biogenic Systems that Mimic Historic Oyster Reefs and are Capable of Keeping Pace with Sea-Level  Rise